First week of summer

We like keeping lists of our plans and crossing out task as we complete them - a very rewarding experience.

Now, in the first days of summer we want to share results of our spring efforts and plans coming months. Here is what we've been up to:

Refreshed identity

Epic Linen was founded in 2012 - we thought it was about time to refresh our look. As a creative studio, we rely on inspiration to drive our process. Everything around us contributes to this process but three sources are most important to us - our family traditions, Lithuanian nature and Baltic mythology.

Urbanisation is driving more and more people to large cities. In 2017 we have crossed the 51% mark, so today majority of world population lives in cities and this trend continues.

However, we humans desperately need connection to nature, after all we are part of it. For this reason, natural materials are so important in home decor, interior design and fashion. It is our attempt to stay in touch with it - even through small details around us.


New logo

Logo, much like home decor, is a symbol that reflects your internal values, intentions, reminds you of your desires and aspirations.

Inspiration for our new logo comes from Baltic legend about Perkunas – the main Lithuanian god who controls lightning and thunder. Every spring he strikes his divine anvil and awakens nature. Symbol represents physical and spiritual renewal that reflects our values and intentions.  

Cycle of change is inevitable in nature as well as in fashion. This is exactly what we like about home decor - ability to bring instant change and inspiration to our lives.

Website improvements

Programmers and designers have been recently making havoc on our website. Goal was to make it faster and more convenient to use. We improved the structure, texts and added a handy card checkout.

As with new logo, we want our website to convey our beliefs and ideas but website is like a house - repairs can last forever.

So we need your feedback - do you like it? Is there anything that we need to change?

New collections

Now that sun has finally come to Baltics - we are ready to put all the spring preparations to work. Epic team is busy as a bee working in fields, forests and sand dunes, creating new collections for the season - so stay tuned for our fresh bedding sets and beach towels.

We are also hatching plans for new production line - to make new fabrics with exciting Baltic patterns, but that's a story for another campfire. Meanwhile - let's find time to soak up the sunshine, enjoy the sea and mysterious summer forest!