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Natural Soft Wash Linen Tablecloth
€ 63.00

Rustic-look table décor for your home! Stylish stone washed vintage and elegant Tablecloth with plain weave pattern. Ideal for simple yet classic table setting lovers. A rustic vintage touch to any family occasion. Table Top with this Tablecloth looks beautiful with Christmas decor elements at log cabins and cottages. Highly recommended!



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We are proud to demonstrate the best characteristics and quality of linen, made in our small country—Lithuania. Flax does not require special conditions or a very hot climate. The Baltic Sea region is the most suitable place to cultivate flax because of its natural environment.

The dark natural linen colour is one of the unique features that is typical only for our region and is highly valued across the whole world. So what is the story behind it? Our linen has to receive a bit of wind, a little bit of sun, and a few drops of rain – all of which is a composition very common to the Baltic States. These conditions determine the darker colour of the linen.

• Country of origin: Made in Lithuania, EU


• Composition: 100% linen


Linen is also known for its long-lasting quality. Linen provided with an admixture of synthetics is more shallow. The fiber has no ability to “breathe“. It has no specific thickness nor the tenuity of a proper thread. Furthermore, it is grown in a hot climate, which enables a much lighter colour.

The question is, how to recognise pure linen? It is believed that the naked eye can recognise the thickness and tenuity, lengthwise and crosswise, of 100 % high quality linen fabrics. Whereas, in fabric made of linen and cotton, the thread thickens up only in a lateral way!

Linen is environmentally friendly!

Make your home more natural, original, functional, and luxurious with us. For you and those you love the most!


Number Size
1 140 x 140 cm; 55.1" x 55.1"
2 140 x 170 cm; 55.1" x 67"
3 140 x 220 cm; 55.1" x 56.6"
4 140 x 250 cm; 55.1" x 98.4"
5 140 x 320 cm; 55.1" x 126"


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Quality Guaranteed
We carefully select fabrics from our local oldest manufacturers where Oeko - tex certified linens are produced. We are the fourth generation linen textile industry experts in our family and our shared passion for craft and design is rooted in our family history and we hope this trade will stay in the family. Our great passion for designed textiles from natural materials is created in a simple yet very functional and quality-built way.
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