Everyday you care what clothes to put on. But let’s talk about what smile we have and how to keep it as much beautiful as you can.

If you want to have white teeth without spending lot of money for whitening products - this post is for you. Here we share 3 healthy products which are delicious to eat and can make your smile brighter also.

This is one of the best! You won’t believe, but DARK CHOCOLATE (at least 70% cacao content) helps keep white teeth. USA researchers found that cacao oils in chocolate have bactericidal effect. More saliva comes into the mouth when you are eating this chocolate slowly. And this saliva helps to clean teeth and destroy bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Keep in mind that HARD CHEESE is not only delicious food but can also change your mouth pH. It is useful for teeth because fermented products work with saliva and acidic pH changes to alkaline. As you know bacteria can’t live in alkaline pH. So it means that after eating cheese your mouth will be with no bacteria anymore and your teeth would be brighter.

And WALNUTS! These nuts work like natural and healthy teeth cleaning abrasive.

And here are directions how to eat these foods per day:

- Dark chocolate – 25 grams per person (adult)

- Hard Cheese – 150 grams per person (adult)

- Walnuts – 43 grams per person (adult)

Eat, enjoy and have a white teeth!