Young guy sent his CV to one large car manufacturing company. He was just finishing studies of marketing and wanted to get simple job. Maybe manager or something similar. But in his CV was written one small detail that was the main reason why he get high position job. Guy came to job interview and the head of the company asked him:

-  I know that you are not selfish, you are patient, can handle conflicts and can help to find the way out even in very bad situations. If you do something – you can give everything to do your best. I just want to know why you choose to work in our company?

That guy was shocked.

- I don’t know about myself so much as you do. How did you get this information?!

- I saw 3 words in your CV: basketball referee volunteer. It is everything I need to know.

Young men got a leading job position and now is a head of affiliate.

More benefits of volunteering:

1 End of loneliness. It is not just because now you won't be alone. But it is because you are beneficent and useful for somebody. Usually commercial companies seek only profit. Volunteering gives feeling that your value is not only the money earning.

2. Mental and physical health. This activity increase hormone level of happiness (dopamine, endorphine, serotonin). Consciousness and work with no stress is the key of slow living life.

3. Develops emotional stability. Research shows that people with low self-esteem, Depression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Anger management, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder went out of their problems by volunteering.

4. Future goals and career opportunity. And it is not only for teenagers. One woman was working economic expert for more than 30 years. Over the age of her fifties she began to volunteer at the clinic of move therapy. After 1 year she quit her job of finances and now she is a coach of move therapy.

Communities of Philantropy are created even in worldwide companies. Becouse good companies know that volunteering make people feel good and this is the reason of good work results.