Medical doctors and nutritionists agree that you don’t need to force your kid to eat something if they don’t really want. They feel the real hunger and will ask you for food when they need to. But if your kids don’t tell this and every time is saying that they want only candies or cookies, here we have a problem!

Here are 3 Epic Linen tips that really works for kids to eat healthy food:

1. Food colors. Like woman like variety of clothing  – kids love variety of colors. And the adage “You eat with your eyes first” is the truth and for kids also.  

Advice. Put in the plate or lunch box as much colorful food as you can. For example: to pasta or meat you can add yellow paprika, baby carrots, cucumber sticks, broccoli, cherry tomatoes. For the desert put few colors like the banana, nuts, strawberries, grapes, tangerine and so on. Colors work always – to raise mood or appetite!

2. Puzzle food. Childhood is so beautiful that you can play whatever and whenever you want. With food also!

Advice. Cut vegetables, fruits or meat in this kind of pieces that children could put them together. Cut smiling face details (eyes, eyebrows, smile, teeth and etc) from fruits and put them one the pancakes. Use your imagination how you can make a puzzle with food.

Because kids attract things they can use like toys!


3. Cooking procces. It can be exciting event for a kids!

Advice. Let your kid to help you in the kitchen. Show them how to mix a pancakes, how you are making waffles. Ask them to wash the fruits or just watch when the water will boil.

Children would want to taste the food they have made by themselves. It really works!