To live sustainable life is our goal. We do believe in people and we do believe everyone is thinking about sustainable, zero waste methods in their lives. All of us can make world to be cleaner for other generations!

Linen every time is a timeless fabric so everyone who believes we can save the world, should use products made from natural fabrics such as linen, which do not make harm to the nature. What is more important, anti-static properties of linen help it to resist dust and make it ideal for those suffering from allergies!

linen blanket

We use so much products every day and sometimes we just throw things, like sheets, towels away when it looks used enough. Have you ever thought how it can be used in different ways? So many ideas!

Sheets, towels could be used for home cleaning in all the ways - for dust, dishes, window cleaning, floor, etc. Linen sheet is perfect to use as a blanket at the beach or as a mat in the garden.

linen tablecloth

Our company team always gets new ideas how to work more sustainable for upcoming ‘tomorrow’ than not for ‘yesterday’! Even small linen fabrics are used as fabric samples to our customers, small strings are used as ribbon to make a packaging to look as a gift. What is more to mention, from now you can even buy some fabrics cuttings in different colors if you like to do handicrafts so it is perfect option to get linen and support zero waste goal we stand for!

fabric swatches

Epic Linen. The Spirit Of Life. Yes! We do believe in what we do and we want our customers to feel the way we do. Products we sell are designed to provide slow living movement! Nowadays we are surrounded by fast fashion which is harmful to the environment, human well-being. We create a better work culture, work-life balance developing ethical work. If you do believe in slow living, environmentally friendly, organic products - join us!

fabric samples

Make your home more natural, original, functional and luxurious with Epic Linen. For you and for those you love the most!

fabric swatches