When the end of Spring is already here, the Spring cleaning is done; it’s time to start thinking how we can freshen your home. Along with warmer weather, longer days, and revived nature and with all colors outside the window we can start to do list with home decorating ideas.

Open windows and bring more light and fresh air to your home. It will be easily with Linen Curtains which will bring more naturalness, lightness and freshness to your home. Let the light gust of the wind get the first spring dance with your new curtains.

Nobody better refreshes your home than flowers and plants. Flower bouquet on the table will decorate your dining room. Also do not forget the flowers on the windows and of course the bedroom. Flowers always enchant to smile. This little simple detail will bring your home a taste of spring.

linen dress

Add new colors to your home interior. Let dreams to come in and get creative. Maybe it will be lemon, green moss or pastel pale dogwood. Believe it, you’ll be surprised how much it can change your home. It can be something like a linen throw pillow, linen napkins on the dinning table, linen bedspread or organic linen tea towels set in your lovely kitchen.

linen colors palete

Another great idea to start home decorating is new linen bedding for your bedroom. Choose elegant softened linen bedding for your calm restful sleep. Natural linen bedding selected with great attention according to conscious living philosophy gives special character to the whole bedroom style. You can easily play with colors and styles. Don’t forget that anti-static properties of linen helps it to resist dust and makes it ideal for those suffering from allergies. Linen is soft to ones skin. It cools in summer and warms up in winter.

linen bedding

It is necessary to give a separate section for linen pillows. Nothing gives better composition to any space than pillows, throw pillows, cushions and etc. Colors, shapes, patterns, prints - freedom to create, that's how you’ll easily may start a new phase. It helps interior to get a new face.

linen pillowcases

And our last offer this time - go and bake the pie and make homemade lemonade! Please invite all your family to celebrate Spring! We all know that the best accent of home interior is the smell of fresh berries. Nothing describes Spring better than a fresh berries pie and of course laughter, laughter of our loved ones.

linen tablecloth

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