Digital detox in a forest - summer is still here!

Having panic attacks at the sound of notifications, calls and alerts? Don’t remember the last time you spend an hour or two without a iphone or a laptop?
Get your things and pack your bags - you are ready for a digital detox hike! Spend a few hours offline enjoying the nature with you smartphone off - regain your zen and energy!

That is what EpicLinen team likes to do every now and then, here is how we do it.

Packing the essentials

We make ourself delicious homemade sandwiches, get some fruits and snacks - nobody likes to stay hungry:) We pack everything into our fancy-pancy picnic box.

Picnic Box

It gives extra mood points by setting this incredible atmosphere. It fits everything you might need - ceramic plates and real wine glasses to make you feel real special.
It has a thermo compartment to keep your food warm. There is also extra space for our lovely linen napkins and tea towels - we are not savages are we?

Linen Tea Towels

Find a park or nearby forest on map. Gather your strength to leave all your internet gadgets at home and hit the road, you are ready for your great escape!

Pick your sweet spot among the trees

Find your place of power and claim your ground! Actually - just throw something on the ground: linen throw, blanket, anything will do. We used linen sheet, it’s durable, easy to wash and looks insanely good on pictures:) Unbox your goodies - it’s food time!

Pick your sweet spot among the tree

Enjoy yourself!

Meditation and peaceful contemplation of nature was our plan - however after about 15 minute of staring at trees in peaceful serenity we were happy that we have brought entertainment with us.



Hammock is pure magic. It has the power take your picnic experience to a whole new level, we checked!

Now, this is not our first time on detox hike - so we went crazy experimenting with air mattresses, pillows and real duvet with linen bed sets. This really brings you closer with nature - from this perspective entire forest is your bedroom.

While we believe everyone must experience this at least once - this is not a setup we expect people to carry to the forest:)


Pillow and natural woolen throw is definitely doable! Grab your favourite book or magazine and enjoy a peaceful swing.


Pack Extras

Large brim hat, sun protection cream and bug spray are the must have - we city folk can’t handle the nature as we used to! You might also consider something warm for chilly evening - cozy wool throw will do.

Moon Drum  Vintage Camera

· A moon drum. Anyone can play it -  no special skills needed, but process is highly satisfying.

· Take film camera to make photos with your friends. Limited amount of frames and no screen - make it priceless and so much more surprising!

· Notebook and a pencil for old fashioned sketching and writing. It may help to clear your mind and drive your creativity.

Thats EpicLinen preffered way of resting. Share your stories and practices in the comments below:)!