If entertainment is your headache and you do not know what to play having picnic with your friends or family, here is article you need to read.

You won’t need any extra expensive stuff or complex rules. Just take few sheets (Even linen bedroom sheets are suitable), healthy food, comfortable clothes and essential oil for bugs. All your company will be included and interested playing these games. Just take attention and read few game advices.

Game evolution. Now all of you are jumping like a frog and you need to became a human by evolution. Frog = chicken = monkey = human. Frog is jumping and making sounds like a frog, chicken need to flap a wings, monkey act like a monkey. Find a couple and play “Rock Paper Scissors”. If you win you become a chicken and need to find another chicken. If you win you become a monkey and need to find another monkey. Loser stay in animal that was before and all participants to play again and again until will become a human.

Funny sales. Ask one person to turn away and then put anything (it would be product for sell) in front of others but for seller not recognizable. You can use any box, bag and etc. Seller person should describe and tell the selling story without knowing what she/he is selling. Change with each other it’s really funny. For example when you had put a sausage in a bag and seller is telling a story that this can be inspiration for everybody and the price is only 1 dollar.

Touch ABC. You need to touch the thing around from the letter that one by one are saying. It can be random letters. For more funny count the points. At the end of the game loser is making a food or packing all the picnic stuff.