"- Hello, I am at work now. I am so sick that it’s hard to handle it. I know that today it is free day for you, but can you change me?

- Sorry, I have meetings all the evening. Call to ambulance and to our boss. She will find the way out to change you. This is not a joke!

One hour past.

- Hey, are you in hospital already?

- No, I puked few times, but still at work.

- You are kidding?!

- No, our boss just asked do i need medicines and nobody can change me. So i stayed at work."

This is real story just happened few days before in one company. Lot of similar situations show us that people forgot SLOW living. Forgot to think about “me”. It is not just because you want to be workaholic but to be good for others.

Just stop and try SLOW. What you need to do is to start celebrate and enjoy little things, start to rest and of course follow this:

S = Sustainable – no impact

L = Local – not someone else’s patch

O = Organic – not mass-produced

W = Whole – not processed

Nowadays there is no border between rest and work but remember 4 components of life: job, entertainment, dreams and rest. Connection between this is in real: good rest = good job results; following dreams = good mood = good rest = good job quality and etc.

Slow living is all about conscious. Do what you want and what you really enjoy. If you don’t want to do something and you are suffering of this - just end it !

It will be the saving of health, energy and time.

Breathing exercise for stress and insomnia

Close your eyes and count slowly till 5 while take a deep breath. Inbreath duration should be around 6 seconds.

Gently hold up the air for about 3. Try to relax and think about most restful thing in your life.

Breath out slowly and counting till 6.

Repeat this session 6-10 times and you will see how it really works.


Enjoy you life and Merry Christmas!