Legend of Jack-lanterns and pumpkin

From early centuries people know the legend that the Irish man was drinking with the devil and didn’t want to pay for his drinks. So that was why Jack was doing frauds with devil. After Jack’s death, as the legend goes, God didn’t want to let him into heaven, but Devil also. He sent Jack off into the dark night for eternity with only a burning coal to light his way.

But Jack was smart ant put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the Earth with every since. People began to make their own natural versions of lanterns by carving scary faces into raw potatoes and other vegetables. Immigrants from these countries brought Jack’s lantern tradition to United States. There found perfect vegetable - pumpkin for carving and also organic attribute for Helloween. Because this celebration is related with wander souls.

Not only scary faces but table decoration

However pumpkin can be used not only for picking candies or smacking neighbours but also for table decoration or even tasty food indeed. All you need is just to get a lot of pumpkins and combine them with things from nature.

If you seek simplicity but want unusual dinner table  - buy some table cloth from linen but different colors.

Halloween can be not only the horror but funny and cozy celebration.