Usually in talk about mindfulness there are mentioned concentration and attention to your breathing and surroundings. But this time let’s talk about mindfulness of taste.

Is it usual to have lot of food and drinks on the table? We guess it is nothing wrong? We are celebrating New Year! Ok, sorry we forgot to mentioned that going out is also related with having dinner or some drinks. But what type of eater are you?

Seriously. Do you enjoy your meal and concentrate to this and nothing more or eat, talk, scrolling smartphone and ect.? Of course nowadays it is usual to have second option because it is XXI century and it is nothing bad.

Let’s just take a look how it is going. We need your approval or rejection is it same in your life?

Emotional eating

Casually we are doing this automatically: taking a bite with a fork, then we put it into the mouth, chew and choke down. This is it. All we have from eating: just bites in our stomach and feel of fullness.

Emotional eating is much worse when in few cases:

-  Eating when stress floods your body.

-  Eating every time you see a food.

-  Eating fast and doing something in unison. Only when there are no more food in plate you noticed that you are done.

New Year is a good occasion to try new experiences even with every single bite. What you need to prepare is no other things than to do during eating and no rush of course.


- Take a bite with your fork (or fingers) and instead of putting it to mouth just take an attentive close up look at form, color, edges. Everything how it looks.

- Now smell it. Smell it with eyes closed. What it reminds you?

- Instead of taking all bite just take a half of it. Chew it and answer for yourself how the taste changes with every single mouth move.

- Now take a second left part of bite and pay attention. The taste will be the same?

Try to repeat this mindfulness eating session as much as possible and you will find new feeling you have never had before.

Happy New Year 2019 !