Wash your hands. Tests of USA health laboratory shows that germs from touching surfaces which was used by sick person increase the risk to get virus too. So be careful and wash your hands more often especially if you are using public transport or visiting public places very often. Maybe it sounds silly, but stop touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth. Americans are doing this every 20 seconds.

Go to bed early. Yes, we know that it is hard to do, but try every day to do it 5 min earlier. You will keep your immune system strong and be ready to fight with cold.

Use zinc, vitamin C and garlic. Keep your immune system active 24/7! These minerals you can find in meat, oysters, eggs, seafood, black beans, wheat. And don’t forget that garlic has a variety of antimicrobial activities.

Exercise. Do your best with any kind of sports or even exercising in your office. Regular exercise is another immune-system booster, which can prevent you from getting sick.

Drink enough water. Water helps our kidneys to work properly and eliminates toxins from the body. Don’t let the body dehydrate when you get cold or flu. Because body mucus become too thick to go out of the body. So you need to drink a lot of water to help this mucus go out.

Choose clothing and bedding settings from natural fabrics. It makes your skin breathing, you do not sweat while sleeping and feel fresh always. And it don’t keep bacteria inside like synthetic fabric.