The immune response is how your body recognizes and defends itself from bacteria, viruses and other causes of illness. Child immune system begins to form at about 1 years old. And sometimes kids already have it in his third years old. But sometimes protect function forms only at the kindergarten or even school years.

It is normal to get sick 6-8 times per year for little kids. Because immune system needs to understand how it has to react and build up the protection. So do not put your child in sterile home but let him go to get strong immunity.

Here are few tips how to keep your child immune system strong:

Healthy food. It is very important to show good example for kids even with healthy and vitamin-rich food. Parents are first thing what they see. If you are eating healthy food – your kid would do it also. Nuts, dried fruits and berries are the best and attractive looking food for kids. Put few pieces of lemon, orange or cut strawberries into the bottle of water. Child will be interested to try this colourful drink.

Natural clothing. Try to buy well-made clothing from natural fabric. This would let the skin to breath, your child won’t get in sweat and feel comfortable. Cotton, wool, linen clothing is the best choice for cold time.

Fresh air. Minus outside doesn’t mean the end of fresh air. If it is too cold to go outside – open the windows for few minutes. Your child need to get oxygen not only from your apartments but natural one also.

Stay active. Go for a walk regularly, play active game inside, visit public playrooms, pool and etc. Young body muscles need to be in action always. Kid’s immune system go down when the body stays in static position for a long time (especially smart phone using, TV watching). Because blood flow is weak.

Is your child happy? Sometime it looks that your kid is healthy. But when child begin to get sick again and again with no reason it could be because of stress. Protect your kids from stressful situations. Parents wrangle, teacher at school, changed living place, bullying and etc.