Not only your clothing sizes but also measurements you need to know for shopping online. Especially when you are buying  clothes only on internet. To find out your height, length, waist and other numbers for linen clothes it’s a little bit different than usual clothing:

The main length. Measure from Sternal notch (jugular fossa) up to the wanted length.

Back length. Try to find the highest point of shoulder and end up wherever lenght you want to end your dress or other clothing.

Front waist lenght measure is from the top of shoulder to the most narrow part of waist.

Back lenght. From the highest point of the neck parallely to the waist. 

Bust. Place measure tape at the widest point of the bust. Try to relax and let the arms down to the hips. Women should wear a bra.

Waist. Find a place of most narrow part. Notice: don’t place the measure tape around the waist tightly. Add few centimeters for more comfortable clothing and easy breathing.

Hips. Usually it’s up to 17,5 cm from the waist. You will find out your numbers if it is measured over the fullest part of buttocks.

Width of shoulders. First of all relax. Ask for somebody to find the points where is acromion bone (joint connecting shoulder to arm). So the length between these two points is width of your shoulders line.

Biceps. Find the fullest part of the arm. It is important not to measure very tightly.

Sleeves length. From acromion bone (as we have mentioned where it is) up to to place you want. Or if you want long sleeves usually it should be measured from acromion to that bone at the wrist.

Inseam lenght. Measure the distance between uppermost part of your thigh to your ankle or the point you want to wear your pants.

Total trousers lenght you will know measuring stright from the waistband to the edge of the hem or just a point you need the pants should end.