Usually we use curtains as a fabric to put on window. But there are a lot of ways how you can use the same fabric in unexpected ways. Here we want to share few with you:

 Wall decoration

Interior designers create spaces in the room or separate big room into few zones. For example: if you take bright curtains to split your apartments this color would create illusion of big room. Also you can add the mirror near the curtain.


Makes cosiness

Who doesn’t want this? To seek simplicity and slow living life? Natural and bright fabrics flood the rooms with comfort and helps to create clean home sense.

If you want to create a luxurious and laid back feel, creating an oasis of privacy that promotes good sleep it is the ideal choice for bedrooms.  

Temperature control

Natural and raw curtain is a valuable role in controlling room temperature. Do you know that heavy fabric can prevent warmth loss by 50%? And the light linen curtains can keep a room cool during hot summer. Sincerely linen fabric is the smart and best choice for bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Because it absorbs humidity and dry fast. And it not cause allergies.


Take different color curtains to use it like a table decoration extra detail for cozy coffee table.

Silk, linen and cotton fabric is easy to wash and dry. You can even hang curtains wet. Then you may not need to iron.