How to wash linen clothing and keep colors from fading

We get a lot of questions how to wash linen dresses, colorful skirts, blouses or pants all together. Here we want to share few basic tips what helps to keep clothes the same as you had got in buying box.

Good news is that you can wash it into washing machine!

Rule number 1:

For the first washing put all the clothing with similar color. Use washing powder or liquid for colorful stuff and wash in cold or lukewarm water. Don’t over-dry and do not forget to turn clothes inside out before washing.

Do linen clothes shrink after washing?

We have another good news: Epic Linen clothing is made from stonewashed linen. So official not more than 1-2% shrinking but only at first washing. So be chill to wash all your linen dresses or other stuff even 50 times a month.

How to brighten faded colorful clothing

-          Put few tablespoons of vinegar into water and wash your clothes as usual. Or you can soak it use 1 tablespoon of white vinegar for every ¼ of water. Soak it at least 30 minutes before washing.

-          Soak your linen clothes overnight in salt water. Fill your washer with cold water and add ¼ to ½ cup of salt. Next day just fill detergent for colorful clothing and run the washer as you normally would


Our advice is to iron little wet clothing or spray a little water with added white vinegar to keep the bright color. Just put few drops of vinger into cold water and fill your iron with this water.