Before preparing for Thanksgiving you should know few important facts about this day.

This day is not only about the turkey, football, family reunions and four-day weekends. This time Thanksgiving day was mentioned in 1620 when Piligrims lost 46 people of their original 102 colonists. 91 Indians help Piligrims to survive cold winter and yielded a bountiful harvest in that year. So Piligrims and Natives were in celebration lasting three days. And it brought the Pilgrims and natives to unite in a “thanksgiving” observance.  

Over the centuries, people added their traditions to the Thanksgiving celebration:

- To gather in unity.

-  Prepare the heart. Think about all relatives, family, friends, health and most important things you have in life.

-  To teach the young. Retold old family stories, pray before the meal.

No added sugar Apple Pie with no flour


8 sweet apples

2 glasses of raisins (or dates)

400 g curd

4 eggs

Cinnamon, Muscate, Vanillin

Whip eggs until it turns to bright color, put the curd, cinnamon, muscate, vanillin. For natural sweetener you need to peel of all the apples and grate them. Put this mass and raisins (dates).

Stir up everything and fill it into baking pan. Decorate pie with hashtags using strips of dought (you can buy it on the market).

Bake in oven about 60 min, 353 °F temperature.


No need to cook just fry pears in the oven 

Yes, you read correct. Just take few pears and bake it in oven around 30 min, 353 °F temperature.

You can add some sugar powder or peanut butter.


Believe us or not, but linen napkins you can use with wood and glass coombination. Seek simplicity on your dinner table but stylish one.


Dinner is ready!