Linen is used for a variety of purposes. The use of linen fabric has gone beyond the fashion industry alone. It is now used in mix with other materials and is used for daily wear. Linen is definitely the king of fabrics presently.


Linen is a popular fabric choice for clothing. The fabric is welcoming during the summer months for its cooling sensations but on the contrary, it is good in winter because of its warming features.


It is scientifically proven that if you choose pure linen sheets you will feel greater sensation within your bedlinen and sleep far better. Personally we, the EpicLinen Team, have once tried and never gone back to traditionally used bedding. Linen provides you with every pleasure of having a deep and healthy sleep.


Linen fabrics are widely used in the household for their strength and practicality. They have a variety of uses that involve both decorative and practical applications. This is a particularly good idea if you have old linen that you would like to use. One way to recycle linen is to cut it up and use it as coasters for drinks. Another idea would be to use old pillowcases and make them into tablecloths or even hanging ghosts for Halloween! These ideas are low cost and environmentally friendly.


Practical applications include the use of linen in such things as dish towels, upholstery and sheets. You can also find linen used in such home decor items as draperies, table cloth, bedspreads, curtains, drapes, and even rugs. Apparently, it can even be used for making wall canvases, artist’s canvases, wall coverings, napkins, lampshades, chair backing covers, runners, handkerchiefs, gift wrappings, book covers, cell phone pouches and other various accessories…


Moreover, vintage sheets can be used as throws, hanging displays, screen covers, room dividers or as upholstery fabric for chairs and headboards. You can even make your own linen window treatments and blinds. Old or unused tablecloths can also be used as bedcovers or draperies, shower curtains... There are many different options and combinations of linen that are suitable.


You can also find linen used for a number of miscellaneous applications in which one or more of linen’s characteristics make it a suitable choice. Some of these applications include insulation and filtration materials, fabrics used in light aviation products, reinforced plastics, sewing thread, surgical thread and twine.


Sometimes, with very little work, a nice piece of linen fabric may be transformed into a wonderfull set of curtains or cushions which we think would be an adorable addition to the new look of your home!


The EpicLinen Team proposes that you‚ ‘Be Inspired And Creative!‘ Feel Free To Explore Your Own Creative Uses!