Probably you have heard a lot about linen benefits for health? But did you know these interesting facts from historical books that came from ancestry?

Of course there is written that linen is helping to avoid bad spirits, but we won’t talk about that.

  1. Linen fiber is used for astronauts' protective clothing, for outer protection of space ships. Even USA banknotes are made from linen, as well as paper for cigarettes and bibles.

  2. Linen fabric is 3 times strongest and 5 times resistant to abrasion than cotton

  3. It is natural antiseptic

  4. Dirt, soap and calx are not gathering as on cotton.

  5. You know that fact that time is the reason of becoming more and more yellow, especially with white fabrics. This rule does not work with linen fabric. As more years you using it as much it becomes more and more white and milter.

  6. Linen helps to cool down your body in summer time and in cold winter it warm up the body.

  7. Do you know that feeling when drought and friction create an electrical charge in your clothes? No common problems gonna be with linen fabric because it is resistant to static electricity.

  8. We are proud to say that it is one of the most ecological fabric in the world. There is no rubbish in manufacturing process. This is the main reason.

  9. Signs of authenticity and good quality are wrinkles on the cloth.

  10. Linen reduces radiation twice and protects the human body from ultraviolet radiation.