Family is the most important thing in our lives. We spend most of the time with our families and this time is most valuable. If we go throw all the year celebrations, we will see there are a lot of days that brings all the family together! But today we want to talk about Father’s Day. Since Mother’s Day is passed and discussed it is important to talk about our Dad‘s! There are lots of ways to say Thank you and I Love you!

linen men apron

Parents wish all the best for their kids and it is the same what kids wish for their parents! We believe natural, environmentally friendly, ethically made products are important in lots of houses. Since linen fabric is one of the purest natural fabric with anti-static properties, we highly recommend to choose gifts for Father’s Day from linen!

linen fabrics

Linen towel set which will give natural touch for you dad is one of our suggestions. After long day at work there is nothing better than shower to get rid of hard day moments. Water rituals are an essential part of our day, it recharges our body and mind, washes worry of the week away. In this magic moment away from the world, your beloved father could indulge himself with soft touch of natural linen towels.

linen towels

Linen bedding is timeless gift as your love to the father! Linen bedding which is handmade by one tailor from the very beginning till the very end - special attention is guaranteed. The human-master adds to linen piece her heart and warmth to make you happy! Once your Father will sleep in quality linen sheets, he will never go back to any other kind of bedding. Please keep in mind linen is useful for skin as it breathes throughout.

linen bedding

Kitchen is the place where all the tasty creations are made! Smarten your Father with beautiful Linen Apron. It is special design linen apron which your Father will love. It will protect him from all of cooking experiments. Even if you Father does not spend much time in the kitchen linen apron can be great helper outdoors too while doing gardening!

linen men apron

Best wishes to all wonderful Fathers!