This time blog post is about the dearest person in our life – mother. Mother’s Day coming up soon so it’s time to choose just the right gift options for her from carefully selected range. Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day with style this year with TOP 10 offers! Time is running out!

If your mom is QUEEN OF THE KICHEN:

1. You will never make a mistake if you decide to make a present for your mother - tea towels. Do you think it's too simple? We say No! It’s elegant and practical gift idea for linen lovers. Eco-friendly, natural, organic, what could be better than this:

linen tea towel

2. Preparing food without apron? That's barely impossible, your mom would say. Stylish, practical, natural apron for your choice:

linen bib apron

3. Your mom is the person who brings whole family together around the dinner table? So the best gift might be tablecloth. We all know food brings the good memories so let's make those memories unforgettable!:

linen tablecloth

4. Stylish dining table! This is what will make your mother happy. The most important for the dinner table is universe. Your mom knows what is most important completing the perfect dinner table: linen napkins, linen table runner, and linen bread basket:

linen napkins

If your mum is BUSY WOMAN:

5. Simple but definitely will be appreciated – tote bag. It is ideal whether for shopping, travel, picnics or beach.  Lightweight and comfortable to use every day.  Let’s say NO to plastic bags and save the world the better place to live in:

linen tote bag

6. Make your mom nights divine with linen nightwear: nightdress, bathrobe. Available separately but it works well together as an ideal set for restful moments. No one can deny the fact it is for relaxation, sleeping and contemplation:

linen bathrobe

If your mom is her home INTERIOR STYLIST

7. Your mom knows that large linen throw blanket at home is a necessity. It's not just a great detail in the interior, moreover, it invites you to sit, relax and feel linen blanket softness and warmth:

linen throw blanket

8. Make your mother’s home really charming and elegant, cozy, newly and modern with special detail – linen curtains:

linen curtains

9. A comfortable, practical and stylish item in every home - Linen Pillow Shams. Let’s invite your mom to chill out every moment. This small and lovely interior detail is very functional and work well on couches, beds as well as terrace benches and swings:

linen pillow shams

If your mom is STYLE ICON

10. If you know your mom so well, you always can choose clothing for her. Maybe simple blouse, elegant jacket or just comfortable dress. You know better!:

linen clothing

We believe the true love showed to our mothers every day is something special. They all love surprises so why don’t make a surprise to her not only by remembering her on Mother’s Day but as often as your heart believes in this. Catch all their smiles and cherish moments spent together.

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