Take a catchy picture of your kids it is one of the hardest thing in photography – one of the world famous photographer says. But even parent’s practise with a smartphone could give a good result but first you need to know few tricks and tips how to do this.


Sometime parents force with fancy kids clothing for photoshoot. Actually children even do not care what they are wearing indeed. They just need comfortable and ease dress, trousers and etc. You can take even locally made or organic linen clothes.

Psychologists say that colourful clothing help kids to enjoy and feel relaxed also.


Get down on their level, be slow living friend and do not afraid to act like a kid even taking snaps with a smartphone. Do not show a massive lens in a child’s face and start clicking away. Give him hi5, say a compliment for girl's dress or shoes (it really works even for kids), play or chat with him a bit before you start shooting. Seek simplicity not hard work and fast results.

Get an attention

Kids have very short attention span – up to 15 minutes. Try to catch all you need in that time quickly and take all the shots done.

Smiling and serious face

Ask for kid to give you a belly-laugh but demonstrate them before. Usually kids catch your laugh and begin smiling together. They will have a big and natural smile afterwards.

If you want to have a deep glance of your kid ask him to do one thing:

-   Look into the lense, can you see my eye there?

Best pictures and full of children conscious living with shoots from above.