We get a lot of questions: “does the linen blanket helps for healthy sleep?” But what is included in that word “healthy”. Here we don’t want to talk about skin breathing or natural material but take attention to insomnia. Weighted blanket with linen sheet is a solution for a better sleep, stress and anxiety. Here we will tell you the reasons and how to choose that blanket.

Studies in Sweden have shown that human body needs to distribute the pressure all over the body in the same way. To get this effect we need to put something heavy all over body and the best solution is weighted blanket.

It also works like “grounding” and helps to reduce stress hormone (cortisol) producing. This hormone affects immune system, may increase bloods sugar. If the cortisol is disbalanced we are able to have complications:

- Insomnia

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Overweight

Synchronization of cortisol put circadian body rhythm into his way. It is our 24-hour internal body clock of sleepiness and alertness intervals powered by brain and hormones.


Here are recommendations for weighted blanket:

-  Weight of blanket should be 5-10 % of your body weight for adults

-  10 % for kids

-   Usually it’s about 7- 12 kg (15 – 26 pounds)

-   Use natural linen duvet cover and sheets.