Not only as table decoration but also to boost the immune system, improve digestion, reduce bacterial infections, strenghten the respiratory system rowan berries can be used.


But let begin from the most interesting one: why these berries are so bitter?

That is because rowan berries have a huge number of antioxidants so that’s why it been used for hundred years in medicine. People used linen napkins or just piece of linen fabric to squeeze the juice from berries. For hundred years people new, that juice should be heated because of parasorbic acid. Just picked  raw rowan berries contain high levels of this acid. It can cause kidney damage, indigestion and other illnesses. But once frozen or heated parasorbic acid changes to the sorbic.

And this is so useful for your body that you couldn’t imagine before.

Benefits of these berries includes high levels of Vitamin C, dietary fiber ant other useful components for our body.

Ascorbic acid founded in rowan berries stimulate boost system and stimulate production of white blood cells. This acid also affects germs and bacteria on our skin and in the body.


As we have mentioned at the beginning rowan berries can be a good decoration for slow living or organic life lovers table inside or even outside under the tree.

Just put some linen table cloth, soak in jar or vase few limbs with rowan berries and you will have nice decoration for organic life dinner. Your guests will be amazed if you also put some glasses of rowan berries juice.

Bon Appetite!