8 hours? Yeah right, best case scenario - most of us can afford 5 or 6 hours and greet reality with a cup of coffee!

Whatever the hours, bed is a highly personal space that offers comfort and rest. Even the strongest men and women seek refuge and cocoon to recharge at times of distress. So what can we do to properly enjoy this short moment of heavenly bliss?

Let's talk about the fabrics of your nest. Organic and natural - these words have all the hype nowadays. If we look past the points of environmentally friendly production and low pollution, what is it the best choice for us, the end user? Synthetics are great for sports, why wouldn’t they be good for bedding? Let's consider a few most common cases:

Too hot to sleep? Oh wait! Too cold? Hot again! Surely everyone experienced this. Synthetics usually bake you like darn potato. It’s not evil, no, it just doesn't absorb moisture and has no ventilation. Linen on the other hand is breathable, thanks to its natural texture. It keeps you warm in the cold and cool even if the weather unbearably hot. Did we mention that Epic Linen bed sets are monster proof? They are. 

Have sensitive skin or allergies? Synthetic textiles accumulates condensate, thus create an environment where bacteria can grow. Besides, it can contain formaldehyde resins, glues and other chemicals that cause allergic reactions. 
Linen fiber is mostly organic cellulose. Material whose natural structure offers good ventilation. Bacteria will not build up because moisture evaporates quickly. 

Don’t like it when your sheets sticks and clings or cheers you up with tiny electric shocks? This happens because synthetics accumulate and hold a static charge. Whereas linen has an anti-static effect, so it doesn’t stick to the body and of course subjectively, much more pleasant on the skin.

No surprise (helllooo we’re called Epic Linen) but we would 100% recommend to build your rest-nest out of natural materials.